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Niche Insurance:

Monthly Cash Back short term insurance product:
Cash back each month on motor, home, building and business insurance

Identity and credit card protection:
- identity theft
- fraudulent charges against stolen cards
- ATM assault and robbery
- wallet guard

Purchase protection:
- loss, theft and accidental damage after purchase
- price protection
- appliance repair after expired warranty
- warranty guard for appliances

Travel cover- non business:
- liability to third parties
- lost and stolen belongings
- Inbound cover
- Outbound cover



Disaster protection:
Following a flood ,forest bush fire ,earthquake ,tsunami, hurricane, typhoon, cyclone:
- disaster cash

Home cash benefit:
- monthly mortgage benefit
- vehicle cash benefit

Vehicle protection:

Group personal accident cover:
- death
- disability
- medical costs
- crime cover
- life support costs
- unconsciousness
- kidnap and wrongful detention

Funeral cover schemes:

  Product Lines:

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Selah is an authorised service provider. FSP License: 45456 - Administration by Sapcor Broking Solutions.    

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